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Insoles for rheumatoid arthritis patients

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a debilitating condition causing pain and swelling to many of the joints and soft tissue in the lower limb. Most commonly affected are the hands and feet. Most of these symptoms can be controlled with prescribed medication (DMARDs or anti-TNF). However, some long terms changes may be present and musculoskeletal podiatrist Derek Protheroe would be able to fully assess and advise on the best form of treatment such as – insoles/foot orthoses, specific footwear designs, stretching/strengthening, acupuncture, etc.

Insoles for osteoarthritis patients

Osteo-arthritis is a condition that affects the joints. It can be additionally referred to as a degenerative disease process (wear & tear) which increases presentation with increasing age.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis vary greatly from person to person, and between different affected joints.

For example, a joint may be severely damaged without causing symptoms, or symptoms may be severe without affecting the movement of a joint.

Three key characteristics of osteoarthritis are:

  • mild inflammation of the tissues in and around the joints
  • damage to cartilage, the strong, smooth surface that lines the bones and allows joints to move easily and without friction
  • bony growths that develop around the edge of the joints

At Dynamic Motion Wales, Musculoskeletal Podiatrist Derek Protheroe can take a detailed medical history along with assessing your presentation of symptoms. The podiatrist can then assess the area of pain whether that be the hip, knee or feet and advise on the most suitable form of treatment options available.