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Pain can arise from the inside of the lower leg, ankle or midfoot. This can either be acute or of gradual course and can be attributed to a dysfunction of the posterior tibialis tendon.

The posterior tibial muscle is situated deep on the inside of the lower leg. It affects the function of the arch when walking and has an important role in maintaining that position. When a problem arises in this region, the function of this muscle can be compromised and a progressive flattening of the arch can occur. Sometimes this happens to one side alone and is often referred to as an acquired adult flat foot.



  • Acute/chronic ankle pain
  • Pain in arch, ankle or lower leg
  • Swelling to ankle
  • Limp
  • Flattening of arches
  • Inability to tip toe

Causes (exact cause remains unknown, there may be a link to)

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Foot posture (flat foot)
  • Over use
  • Trauma
  • Inflammatory arthropathy
  • Gender


It is recommended due to the nature of this condition and if symptoms have persisted for a number of months, individualised treatment plans should be prescribed following full musculoskeletal lower limb assessment. Musculoskeletal Podiatrist Derek Protheroe can assess your foot posture, function, gait and functional levels so that a suitable treatment plan can be designed.